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Comfort in its highest expression, the Birkenstock sandal has a natural connotation in taking care of the foot and giving a lasting sense of well-being. Thus was born the essence of the brand which offers ever more performing shoe models with highly functional characteristics.
With 230 years of experience in the footwear sector, Birkenstock has always instilled art, love and tradition, guaranteeing in its values all the quality needed to release comfort and well-being, in an unmistakable style! It is not only synonymous with accurate and high percentage manual processing, but also eco-sustainable production, technology and innovation. Every aspect converges at the center of an advanced system, the real engine of the brand, quality and respect for the environment. The secret weapon that brings Birkenstock one step ahead of all competitors is in fact the vision aimed at the future of the next generations, protecting it with an intelligent recycling system. Constant work, therefore, research and development of innovative solutions make Birkenstock sandals an indispensable answer for the customer!

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